Boys of Tech 221: A device that measures your vanity

Episode 221

Monday, 15 July 2013

Nokia unveils the Lumia 1020 smartphone, thief steals iPhones but leaves behind his own Samsung phone, theft victim finds thief's phone and calls his mother, toddler buys a vintage car on eBay, Smiirl makes a physical Facebook like counter called Fliike, ads transmitted by vibration in train windows.

Duration: 20:15

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Comments (3)


Thanks! Any sound editing soft should have feature to get rid of background voices, so you should try that too ;]


@conta Okay, sounds like we're gonna have to use better mics. Let us try one more live show recorded with a different type of mic. We'll do our own comparisons first. Thanks for letting us know though - any kind of feedback is good for us.


Guys, seriously, the sound is terrible.. couldn't listen more than first 5 seconds... And it was the same last episode...


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