Boys of Tech 121: Hoverboards

Episode 121

Monday, 20 June 2011

Google releases Me on the Web, hacker group LulzSec opens a suggestion line, Facebook growth slows, Apple no longer accepts apps identifying police check points, Apple faces law suit over the iCloud name, Paul Ceglia passes a lie detector test, disappointing results for RIM, touch surfaces with dynamic tactility, the New Zealand government announces switch-off dates for analogue television.

Duration: 36:32

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@Paarade - Thank you for your kind comments, and no probs for the PHP script (it took a bit of debugging before I posted!). Great to hear from you.


Followed your link here from sig line. thanks again for PHP script/birthdate Enjoying the last couple of episodes. Nice to get the point of view from NZ. btw my daughter is taken by your country's beauty (she just got back from Nelson) and is already planning a longer stay.

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