Boys of Tech 115: Something more wrong

Episode 115

Monday, 9 May 2011

Google sued over Android location data, Google Shopping debuts in Australia, lobby groups oppose format shifting laws, more security breaches at Sony.

Duration: 25:51

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Good point Sam, and I agree with the fine needing to be large to act as a deterrent. But shouldn't the money go to the authorities?

Junkyard Sam

Regarding the lawsuit - the point of suing for a large amount is so the offending company actually FEELS the threat of punishment for wrongdoing. (And will therefore change their bad behavior to avoid such a lawsuit.)

Think about it... If a speeding ticket was a $5 fine, would you speed? Of course you would. If you get caught just pay the fine and keep going. Who cares.

But what if you lost your drivers license if caught speeding? You'd probably not speed.

Point is, a company like Google will only feel a lawsuit if it's a lot of money at stake. A corporation is like a mindless greedy robot that will do whatever it takes to make money, be it good or bad... So you have to punish that robot monetarily if it does bad things.

Get it?

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