Boys of Tech 213: Jackson's Purple

Episode 213

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Making printable guns available on the Internet may breach international firearms laws, the top 10 features of Windows 8.1, Adobe completely changes its Creative Suite licensing model, the drone that delivers beer, a poster with a hidden message only children can see, switching from Windows to Linux on the International Space Station, technology to help smooth bus rides in Auckland, software patents in New Zealand.

Duration: 57:24

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@radiomasten Thanks for your comments. Sorry to hear it's slow to download. Our servers are in France so it should be fast. We'll look at increasing the back-haul capacity. Thanks for listening! BTW our listenership isn't into the millions (yet!) :)


Hi there! Love the show, but I'm allways having trouble downloading the podcast. It just takes forever. It's the same problem wether I'm using iTunes in Snow Leopard, gPodder in Lubuntu or Podkicker on Android. Maybe your server or its connection isn't able to handle the millions of downloads whenever there's a new podcast out? Other podcasts from Europe and America are fine, so it's not my connection. I'm in Norway and Sweden most of the time, but I suppose the bandwith on the cables for New Zealand can't be the problem...?

PS: For a while I thought your podcast was by "Edwin, Hermann and friends" and I was trying to identify which voice was Edwin's and wich was Hermann's. Not certain if Hermann is a usual first name in english, but it is in Scandinavia.

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