Boys of Tech 117: Great co-op

Episode 117

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rumours of Apple planning cloud music service, Sony announces an apology package, the Blogger outage, Slovakia implements a paywall for news sites, Mac users fall for fake security software, HADOPI temporarily not receiving copyright infringement data, Android devices leaking access tokens, iPhone developers receive legal threats over patent issues, Internet access at New Zealand libraries may be under threat, why New Zealand is not ready for Chrome OS laptops.

Duration: 49:42

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Comments (1)

Gary from Auckland

Hi Guys,

Great show been listening for a while now.

Heard the part about the lack on the flash on the iphone was making looking up movie times hard. The latest IMDB application for the iphone has local movie times (including New Zealand). That might help you guys out.

See ya...Gary

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